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  A taste of the ocean floor or the forest wall...or the taste of Matcha.. çš†ă•ăŸ、こんにづは! æ–°ă—ă„æ›ČăšăŁăŠă„ăŸă™。æ„ć‘łäžæ˜Žă ă‘ă©、è”€ăĄă‚ƒă‚“ă‚ąă‚¶ăƒ©ă‚·ăźæ›ČăȘど.. ă‚ăšä»Šæ—„ăŻăŠèȘ•ç”Ÿæ—„だったぼで、ă‚±ăƒŒă‚­ă«ă‚Œăƒ©ăƒ‹ă‚Šăƒ ă‚’æ‘˜ă‚“ă§ăźă›ăŠăżăŸă—ăŸ。 ă„ă€ă‚‚ă©ă†ă‚‚ă‚ă‚ŠăŒăšă†ă”ă–ă„ăŸă™。🩭 Hello. I'm tracking new songs recently. I don't know what it means, but it's about baby seals. Also, it's my birthday today, so I picked some geraniums to put on my cake. I hope you are all well please stay safe ! sakiyo