Friday, August 6, 2021






Last night, I dreamed about unseasonal cherry blossoms, rainy stone folding.

I've made a few trials now making summer clothes in the sun... tearing and reweaving sheets, etc. Will summer be over?




Monday, July 26, 2021

Mane Thread










If you dream that you are burning in a fire, it implies that your desires will be fulfilled. You will get what you want.

There was an article in the newspaper about dream reading that said so.

A child who once wore nothing but salopettes. She had just dreamed last night crossing a path of charred wood splinters and died in a huge fire. As she brushed her hair, She was wondering what kind of outdated country I was living in that such an article appeared in the newspaper. The child was no longer a child. Her hair had lost curls and was shining with a straight, unchanging light, like a needle pointing to time.

A baby, a newborn seal, was shivering on the glacier. It was a kind of music.

Someone out of tune could easily get copy music technically or  powerfully and she was not happy only let it be heard, but to take it cheaply so that she could "experience" it on her round shield.

When you think about it, why do humans kill deer and rabbits that run naturally and sometimes turn them into money or eat them? Perhaps hunting can be called an action. In fact, I wonder where rabbits and deer came from.

The child who once wore only a salopette sewed the glacier with the mane thread that had closed her wound.

The greedy a bit people disappeared along with their own round shield. They were easily transported in spaceships of easy-to-find colors.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021








Please stay safe!

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Friday, June 11, 2021

A taste of the ocean floor or the forest wall...or the taste of Matcha





I'm tracking new songs recently.

I don't know what it means, but it's about baby seals.

Also, it's my birthday today, so I picked some geraniums to put on my cake.

I hope you are all well

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Monday, May 31, 2021

Salopette Everyday





There was a child who looked like she was floating in the air a little bit , with a little peony flower-like frill around her as she lined up with the other children. Her hair was in fine curls and she was suspected to be an angel or flawed. She wore salopettes mint green made of stretchy fabric every day to look ordinary, and spoke as bluntly as she could to fit in with her surroundings. Still, no matter what she did, people around her called her "kawaii". Whether she was running, reciting, or just standing there, people would ask her , "Why are you so cute?  She was asked. Mentioning someone's appearance was not a compliment in any country, but she sometimes thought that "kawaii" did not necessarily mean appearance, so  she silently thanked them, hoping that they would not notice that  she was floating in the air.

She was starting to get really tired of the same reaction from people no matter what she did. Then she realized that the reason she was so fed up was that time was not moving. It was her reacting to people's words like she was the surface of the water. Water is a component of most of our bodies, and many of us enjoy living by just reacting to it, amplifying and channeling the various shocks, but for this girl, "reacting" seemed to be hard.

A gunshot sounded in the distance. The child's salopette  was covered in blood. She was put on the back of a horse, and the elf, who originally lived in the land of horse back, sewed up her wounds with invisible mane thread. The horse kept running.

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Brush Ur Opalescent Hair









There was a child with opalescent hair. His mother was so bright that she worked as a ghost doctor and in the nursery, so there was a day when she completely forgot that there were evil people among the children. That day, a child with opalescent hair attached wheels to a board and dexterously rided on it, but the teacher, who didn't like his appearance, kicked the spinning car. The bad guys laughed and pulled his hair. The boy, an opal-haired kid, was confused because he had never known anger, so he laughed just like the bad guys.

From that day on, one by one, the opalescent hair turned black and golden, then dark and white.

As I climbed the pagoda steps leading from the backyard, my breath mingling with my hair, the candle flames flickering purple and orange, I stepped straight out.

The two flames stretched straight out and the sound of drums rang out. The boy's hair turned back to opal as he began to feel the emotions he would later realize were solid. The season was spring.

The boy wrote a long letter and packed it in a glass bottle. He walked out to the rainy sea.

Everywhere is too fast, so regardless of the heavens, you just have to be light and you will fit into the neighborhood. It's hard to survive when you're alone. But that's okay, the child with the opalescent hair blazed straight up again. Now my heart is too hot to be a ghost specialist or a nursery school teacher.

As he thought about it, the heat was melting the glass dust that littered the world.

The bottle he was supposed to be holding also melted and the long letter was carried away by the god of wind.

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Bath with wood vinegar, roses






Jewelers are also often regarded with suspicion by people, but since there have been suspicious people in every profession throughout history, it was almost impossible to avoid the horrible people in our lives. It's not that you can't get away from them until you see them, but the moment you do, you realize that they are the source of your suffocation.

Most of the time, it is unimaginable and has an unspeakable stench. They lie and pretend to be sick, but when we give up and walk away, they take the stench out of their pockets one by one and start numbering them.

Now, in many cases, the ghosts were bigamous married, cheated, or had their children taken by these scoundrels. Sometimes they thought the suffocation was love. These misunderstandings are disgusting.

For the ghosts, the nanny's husband would prepare a warm bath with wood vinegar, roses, and forest mud. It was not the herbs that the ghosts liked, but the water itself. One by one, the ghosts began to make noiseless watercolor sounds as they soaked in the water, and the water began to swirl and make sounds like crying.

The nanny and her husband almost reached out , but they just said good night slowly in their mind. By the time the sun rose, a handful of tiny books  had emerged from the ghosts’ bodies.

By The Medium Necks

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Collide with ghosts










The little king was awake, but he thought he would stay here and sleep until someone came. He wondered if the elephant that had been supporting the float would come running up here.

As He breathed in this head-down, legs-up position, He suddenly realized why he was always so bored, and why he was so embarrassed to expose himself to things that only interested in him, like working out or going to physical therapy. And just when he thought it would be a good idea to feign amnesia, the nanny's husband woke the king up by holding his side. He was followed by about twelve retainers, who wrapped the king in a large piece of fabric and quickly brought him back to the castle.

The little king was still not well liked. He had a good voice, but it was a mimicry, and he usually finished his speech quickly rustling. As soon as the little king returned to the castle, the ghosts took a canoe and stirred up the country lake. The fog rolled in and time moved more and more slowly.

The little king began to hate the princess of the country a little further away. He should have been the only one who could leave someone behind.

The ghosts were really glad that they were the inhabitants of this country. All the water in the country became monochrome, and the floating leaves, whether from springs or not, stopped moving.

The nanny and her husband had a bad feeling and made a wreath by weaving lavender into the crimson vine and grape vine. The nanny's husband's father was a doctor who specialized in ghosts. The disease of ghosts could not be cured without humans. However, since they weakened people and turned them into ghosts, it was necessary to be a bright-hearted person to become a ghost doctor. Most of the time, the ghosts were aggravated by being in the bookshelf segregation and shells. Some ghosts even joined real cults. The nanny's husband, who had watched his father's work from the side in his childhood, decided that he was not ready to become a ghost doctor.

The nanny and her husband's bad premonition came true, and the ghosts, sympathetic to the little king's hatred, entered the castle. Some found wreaths to decorate their hair and stop them from moving, but others tried to climb on the stone statue of the princess, some wanted to live in the stable, and some wanted to drink tea in the kitchen first.

The nanny's husband could not resist shouting, "Ouch! “the nanny's husband cried out.

At the sound of his  voice, the ghosts became more transparent, but they did not disappear.

The nanny tried to burn some sage, but her husband stopped her and arranged a comfortable couch. One by one, the ghosts began to ask each other personal questions.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

AMA deep sea diver










AMA the divers wanted to go out with someone always had a sister who had had rabies. Most of them are city-bred, so every countries are really out of their control or minds everywhere.

Ama used to work as an apprentice to a jeweler, and if she was not surrounded by beautiful things, she would have epileptic seizures. Even so, she finally got tired and dove into the sea again and again to pick up dead corals and sea anemones. She learned that pearls were not liked by the mermaids because they were so common, but were prepared for humans at the bottom of the sea. She worked only two hours and seventeen minutes a day. She spent her free time with someone who had sisters who had had rabies, doing as little as possible to see what was going on in their heart.

The windows of the building were removed to make way for a bookshelf.

The children learned gymnastics and how to dance beautifully in these bookshelves. A tanned girl, about the same age as the little princess, hugged her knees alone in the classroom, her eyes never leaving the floor.

The older students were gossiping about grown up around. “If anyone says anything bad about teacher, I'm the only one who has to go into that room and tell him. "Bad words. “Some people take pictures.“ 

”They are all famous.”

The gods of wind and fire liked to keep things as spacious as possible, so of course they didn't encounter many critics, but they lamented the fact that the buildings had become like bookshelves. This caused the wind to whip up a small tornado on the back side of one of the buildings and start a fire.

The famous photographer was strangely overwhelmed. The famous photographer said to the gods in an oddly loud voice,

 "        I understand                                   

Why is it that when there are too many people, there are more problems?

Why are there places where too many people don't cause problems?

Monday, April 26, 2021

Chou Cho san



















Sad songs were always a source of strife. There was a tendency to think that anyone who sang a song could find out anything about it, and the unhappy people wanted to know about it. They would ask questions, appearing sympathetic, but without the slightest respect for the other person. That's why people who sang tried to talk self-deprecatingly, but it made the crust of the earth creak. Eventually, they stopped singing and started learning sign language. They seemed their voice is ugly but they were wrong about that.

The chrysalis, born in the lemon tree, had been waiting for the right moment to see these people. To be involved with humans meant death, but if you were lucky, you could get a clear name for who you were. What could be more refreshing than that?

People would compare other people's work to something and slip it into their memories, but the butterfly was wise enough to know that she had to create something completely new to prevent that from happening. Butterflies are wise enough to create something completely new to avoid that. Such wise events are usually unknown to everyone.

As soon as the day came for the butterfly to ruffle her wings, she left the city behind and headed for a retreat. The city was dusty and only toys were appreciated, so the place for the recluse was dwindling year by year. The benches at the recreation area smelled of lemons.

People said that eating sugar dulled the skin tone, but it didn't matter to the butterflies, they licked the syrup. The light also always illuminated the butterfly.

It was such a good thing that they never fell.

She sang the same song that the mountain gods sang.

Today is a special day

Neptunus will make you pick up a stone

There just a stone,

Today's song is yesterday's dream

He is mad at me again  before he knew it his emotion frosty

Vacant hours scary

There's someone to stroke your hair and praise you

Come to mountain

Today is a special day

I know.

You Papilio bianor

The butterfly has learned that she is called Papilio bianor.

By The Medium Necks

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Don’t put it in the box











A princess in a country a short distance away woke up the moment a spider ran its toes over her eyelids. There was no pain in her body, so she thought she was dead and started walking as a ghost.

The summer forest was cool and just like heaven. She found a two-story house painted white. A young woman with slit eyes invited the princess in with a smile. The princess was served heather tea and steamed dumplings wrapped in red bean paste, and she was able to hear the sound of hot water bubbling clearly, having escaped all her responsibilities.

After a while, the slit-eyed woman showed her a small box with a baby squirrel. The princess, who had never been allowed to keep a living creature, was glad to feel its warm weight in her palm for the first time. As soon as she reminded herself that she was still alive, she felt a look that told her she shouldn't be here. The sharp-eyed woman looked sad, but she took the baby squirrel and put it in a box.

The Princess’s eyes were different from left to right. The difference was as faint as the desert night onyx and the shadows on a rock lit up in predawn there but

she’d always let her eyes beated her to it whenever she looked at her own face. The princess lived according to the will of her eyes. Most people would consider their eyes to be their own, but for some people, their eyes were older and wiser than they were.

The princess was suspicious of anyone who used the word "gifted”. The princess had always been in where there was no one who was not gifted, and the term "gifted" seemed to her like a decorared cake that needed to be sliced and sold in the showcase to differentiate it.

The princess was sensitive about capitalist ideas because she knew the history of women, even if this is in old fairly tale.

Now that her legs had a firm grip on the ground, the princess in the country a short distance away asked again about the whitewashed two-story house, refraining from a second cup of tea, but asking the sharp-eyed woman to show her the squirrel.

Without replying, she presented the box to the princess and opened its lid.

The color of the princess's eyes switched, and she looked back in time and straight at the little life. “No" was all the princess said. In just a few hours, the baby squirrel was breathing its last, and the slit-eyed woman had found a replacement and put it in the box.

A little further away, the princess heard for the first time the voices of the witches she had killed.

By The Medium Necks

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Eyes Pearl Inlays








The little king had a little daughter . Before he could even think about whether or not to let her learn imperialism, his daughter thought she was special and that she should listen carefully to what people had to say. No matter how ridiculous it was, she knew it would be her own undoing to make  showing  inner world  of her or to interrupt like her father, the little king, saying that he didn't care.

She knew that ridiculous  talk was a waste of time, but she also knew that most people who condemn like her father do have secrets behind their backs that are a waste of time. Sometimes they act as if they are ashamed of themselves, but they are really conceited, and people are strangely aware of other people's conceit.

The little one was beginning to think that fate was not predetermined, and that she was still free.

She had heard her nanny gossip in the lounge about her uncle, a painter, had run away to a retreat the same year she was born. The nanny's husband was an expert in medicinal herbs and helped many people, but he had too much dried mushrooms and was always biased with his thoughts. The daughter was wary of asking the nanny about her missing uncle, when the nanny's husband said, 

“His eyes glow strangely, like mother-of-pearl inlays. The whites of his eyes.”

The little girl was horrified at the thought and stopped thinking about her uncle.

There was another reason why the little girl felt that freedom was always accompanied by an air of danger. Her mother, who is now in heaven, told her that when she was a child, she saw the glowing surface of the water and decided to swim there, and without telling anyone, she followed the light into the river, and as she did, the sand at the bottom of the river changed its shape and became deeper, and it was as if there was nothing left to support her. The water tried to take her away with its gravity. What was the meaning of the freedom she suddenly felt there? She felt that she wouldn't need it to print and sell, but her body temperature had dropped and her chest got so cold reality.

By The Medium Necks 

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Butterfly SANg














For some reason, imposters disliked mountains, especially mountain worship, bear gods, and sandalwood pens that smelled so good that it made their skin crawl. The moon shining dimly in the depths of the mountains was equally disgusting to them.

They loved the parasols and the sound of the waves. Sometimes they would listen to the buzz of the radio, but they were always suspicious of towns and cities. 

One of the two imposters looked a lot like the Queen. He was proud of his straight, shoulder-length hair, but strangely enough, no one had ever told him that it was beautiful. Two  spent their days at a deserted resort taking pictures of people and making money by claiming to be the answer to their inevitable problems. It was all came from steamy lends.

They would boil a large pot of water behind the curtains so that steam would rise, and sometimes he would use ice from the mountains to fog up the mirror.

One day, the butterfly started to sing a strange song.

Today is a special day

Neptunus will make you pick up a stone

There just a stone,

Today's song is yesterday's dream

He is mad at me again  before he knew it his emotion frosty

Vacant hours scary

There's someone to stroke your hair and praise you

Come to mountain

Being complimented was something he really didn't know, so just out of curiosity, one of the imposters went to the foot of the mountain. It was there where fell in with a little king and princess. They didn't compliment him on his hair, but rather seemed to be somewhat pompous even though they were unconscious, so the angry imposter stripped off their clothes,and, realizing that the butterfly song was complete lie hurried back to the resort artificial.

By The Medium Necks

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こんな真夏日が続く中で、桜が生い茂る川辺と大雨、石畳みの夢を見ました。 何度か試作して夏服つくってます ... 夏終わってしまう? 皆さまどうか元気でいてね。 🍧 Last night, I dreamed about unseasonal cherry blossoms, r...