Mane  Thread たてがみの糸











If you dream that you are burning in a fire, it implies that your desires will be fulfilled. You will get what you want.

There was an article in the newspaper about dream reading that said so.

A child who once wore nothing but salopettes. She had just dreamed last night crossing a path of charred wood splinters and died in a huge fire. As she brushed her hair, She was wondering what kind of outdated country I was living in that such an article appeared in the newspaper. The child was no longer a child. Her hair had lost curls and was shining with a straight, unchanging light, like a needle pointing to time.

A baby, a newborn seal, was shivering on the glacier. It was a kind of music.

Someone out of tune could easily get copy music technically or  powerfully and she was not happy only let it be heard, but to take it cheaply so that she could "experience" it on her round shield.

When you think about it, why do humans kill deer and rabbits that run naturally and sometimes turn them into money or eat them? Perhaps hunting can be called an action. In fact, I wonder where rabbits and deer came from.

The child who once wore only a salopette sewed the glacier with the mane thread that had closed her wound.

The greedy a bit people disappeared along with their own round shield. They were easily transported in spaceships of easy-to-find colors.


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