the medium necks(ミディネク
2004年アルバム「the medium necks」を制作。
asunaのレーベルaotoaoから「stars,stars」(2007年)をきっかけに「flying mobiles, trappings」「water,emerald trumpet」の3作品をリリース。
2011asuna,Charles Rumbackと共にアメリカ~カナダツアー。
今年2016年よりヴィンテージのパーツを混ぜ合わせたアクセサリーブランド、DON'T WORRYを始動させたところ..!

I am  the medium necks , sakiyo tobita.
tracked songs by myself and released the first album as the medium necks in 2004.
also started to make my dresses for the medium necks. every clothes are coming from spontaneous and free feeling so all is only one.
selected tour is in us and canada with Charles Rumback and asuna who runs lavel "ao to ao". my three 3inch CDs are released from his label. 
also I'm a member of  the band called  helll  went to portland and olympia in 2010.

photo by sarah meadows

photo by Etsuko Miyasaka