The back of horse where the elves dwell 妖精の住む馬の背中




There was a child who looked like she was floating in the air a little bit , with a little peony flower-like frill around her as she lined up with the other children. Her hair was in fine curls and she was suspected to be an angel or flawed. She wore salopettes mint green made of stretchy fabric every day to look ordinary, and spoke as bluntly as she could to fit in with her surroundings. Still, no matter what she did, people around her called her "kawaii". Whether she was running, reciting, or just standing there, people would ask her , "Why are you so cute?  She was asked. Mentioning someone's appearance was not a compliment in any country, but she sometimes thought that "kawaii" did not necessarily mean appearance, so  she silently thanked them, hoping that they would not notice that  she was floating in the air.

She was starting to get really tired of the same reaction from people no matter what she did. Then she realized that the reason she was so fed up was that time was not moving. It was her reacting to people's words like she was the surface of the water. Water is a component of most of our bodies, and many of us enjoy living by just reacting to it, amplifying and channeling the various shocks, but for this girl, "reacting" seemed to be hard.

A gunshot sounded in the distance. The child's salopette  was covered in blood. She was put on the back of a horse, and the elf, who originally lived in the land of horse back, sewed up her wounds with invisible mane thread. The horse kept running.

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