Thursday, April 29, 2021

Bath with wood vinegar, roses






Jewelers are also often regarded with suspicion by people, but since there have been suspicious people in every profession throughout history, it was almost impossible to avoid the horrible people in our lives. It's not that you can't get away from them until you see them, but the moment you do, you realize that they are the source of your suffocation.

Most of the time, it is unimaginable and has an unspeakable stench. They lie and pretend to be sick, but when we give up and walk away, they take the stench out of their pockets one by one and start numbering them.

Now, in many cases, the ghosts were bigamous married, cheated, or had their children taken by these scoundrels. Sometimes they thought the suffocation was love. These misunderstandings are disgusting.

For the ghosts, the nanny's husband would prepare a warm bath with wood vinegar, roses, and forest mud. It was not the herbs that the ghosts liked, but the water itself. One by one, the ghosts began to make noiseless watercolor sounds as they soaked in the water, and the water began to swirl and make sounds like crying.

The nanny and her husband almost reached out , but they just said good night slowly in their mind. By the time the sun rose, a handful of tiny books  had emerged from the ghosts’ bodies.

By The Medium Necks

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