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Sad songs were always a source of strife. There was a tendency to think that anyone who sang a song could find out anything about it, and the unhappy people wanted to know about it. They would ask questions, appearing sympathetic, but without the slightest respect for the other person. That's why people who sang tried to talk self-deprecatingly, but it made the crust of the earth creak. Eventually, they stopped singing and started learning sign language. They seemed their voice is ugly but they were wrong about that.

The chrysalis, born in the lemon tree, had been waiting for the right moment to see these people. To be involved with humans meant death, but if you were lucky, you could get a clear name for who you were. What could be more refreshing than that?

People would compare other people's work to something and slip it into their memories, but the butterfly was wise enough to know that she had to create something completely new to prevent that from happening. Butterflies are wise enough to create something completely new to avoid that. Such wise events are usually unknown to everyone.

As soon as the day came for the butterfly to ruffle her wings, she left the city behind and headed for a retreat. The city was dusty and only toys were appreciated, so the place for the recluse was dwindling year by year. The benches at the recreation area smelled of lemons.

People said that eating sugar dulled the skin tone, but it didn't matter to the butterflies, they licked the syrup. The light also always illuminated the butterfly.

It was such a good thing that they never fell.

She sang the same song that the mountain gods sang.

Today is a special day

Neptunus will make you pick up a stone

There just a stone,

Today's song is yesterday's dream

He is mad at me again  before he knew it his emotion frosty

Vacant hours scary

There's someone to stroke your hair and praise you

Come to mountain

Today is a special day

I know.

You Papilio bianor

The butterfly has learned that she is called Papilio bianor.

By The Medium Necks

Thank you soooo much for looking through this.

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