Butterfly SANg 蝶が歌った














For some reason, imposters disliked mountains, especially mountain worship, bear gods, and sandalwood pens that smelled so good that it made their skin crawl. The moon shining dimly in the depths of the mountains was equally disgusting to them.

They loved the parasols and the sound of the waves. Sometimes they would listen to the buzz of the radio, but they were always suspicious of towns and cities. 

One of the two imposters looked a lot like the Queen. He was proud of his straight, shoulder-length hair, but strangely enough, no one had ever told him that it was beautiful. Two  spent their days at a deserted resort taking pictures of people and making money by claiming to be the answer to their inevitable problems. It was all came from steamy lends.

They would boil a large pot of water behind the curtains so that steam would rise, and sometimes he would use ice from the mountains to fog up the mirror.

One day, the swallowtail started to sing a strange song.

Today is a special day

Neptune will make you pick up a stone

There just a stone,

Today's song is yesterday's dream

He is mad at me again  before he knew it his emotion frosty

Vacant hours scary

There's someone to stroke your hair and praise you

Come to mountain

Being complimented was something he really didn't know, so just out of curiosity, one of the imposters went to the foot of the mountain. It was there were fell in with a little king and princess. They didn't compliment him on his hair, but rather seemed to be somewhat pompous even though they were unconscious, so the angry imposter stripped off their clothes, and, realizing that the butterfly song was complete lie hurried back to the resort artificial.

By The Medium Necks

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