AMA deep sea diver 深海に潜るひと










AMA the divers wanted to go out with someone always had a sister who had had rabies. Most of them are city-bred, so every countries are really out of their control or minds everywhere.

Ama used to work as an apprentice to a jeweler, and if she was not surrounded by beautiful things, she would have epileptic seizures. Even so, she finally got tired and dove into the sea again and again to pick up dead corals and sea anemones. She learned that pearls were not liked by the mermaids because they were so common, but were prepared for humans at the bottom of the sea. She worked only two hours and seventeen minutes a day. She spent her free time with someone who had sisters who had had rabies, doing as little as possible to see what was going on in their heart.

The windows of the building were removed to make way for a bookshelf.

The children learned gymnastics and how to dance beautifully in these bookshelves. A tanned girl, about the same age as the little princess, hugged her knees alone in the classroom, her eyes never leaving the floor.

The older students were gossiping about grown up around. “If anyone says anything bad about teacher, I'm the only one who has to go into that room and tell him. "Bad words. “Some people take pictures.“ 

”They are all famous.”

The gods of wind and fire liked to keep things as spacious as possible, so of course they didn't encounter many critics, but they lamented the fact that the buildings had become like bookshelves. This caused the wind to whip up a small tornado on the back side of one of the buildings and start a fire.

The famous photographer was strangely overwhelmed. The famous photographer said to the gods in an oddly loud voice,

 "        I understand                                   

Why is it that when there are too many people, there are more problems?

Why are there places where too many people don't cause problems?

By the medium necks

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