Eyes Pearl Inlays 螺鈿の目








The little king had a little daughter . Before he could even think about whether or not to let her learn imperialism, his daughter thought she was special and that she should listen carefully to what people had to say. No matter how ridiculous it was, she knew it would be her own undoing to make  showing  inner world  of her or to interrupt like her father, the little king, saying that he didn't care.

She knew that ridiculous  talk was a waste of time, but she also knew that most people who condemn like her father do have secrets behind their backs that are a waste of time. Sometimes they act as if they are ashamed of themselves, but they are really conceited, and people are strangely aware of other people's conceit.

The little one was beginning to think that fate was not predetermined, and that she was still free.

She had heard her nanny gossip in the lounge about her uncle, a painter, had run away to a retreat the same year she was born. The nanny's husband was an expert in medicinal herbs and helped many people, but he had too much dried mushrooms and was always biased with his thoughts. The daughter was wary of asking the nanny about her missing uncle, when the nanny's husband said, 

“His eyes glow strangely, like mother-of-pearl inlays. The whites of his eyes.”

The little girl was horrified at the thought and stopped thinking about her uncle.

There was another reason why the little girl felt that freedom was always accompanied by an air of danger. Her mother, who is now in heaven, told her that when she was a child, she saw the glowing surface of the water and decided to swim there, and without telling anyone, she followed the light into the river, and as she did, the sand at the bottom of the river changed its shape and became deeper, and it was as if there was nothing left to support her. The water tried to take her away with its gravity. What was the meaning of the freedom she suddenly felt there? She felt that she wouldn't need it to print and sell, but her body temperature had dropped and her chest got so cold reality.

By The Medium Necks 

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