Brush Ur Opalescent Hair オパール色の髪をとかして









There was a child with opalescent hair. His mother was so bright that she worked as a ghost doctor and in the nursery, so there was a day when she completely forgot that there were evil people among the children. That day, a child with opalescent hair attached wheels to a board and dexterously rided on it, but the teacher, who didn't like his appearance, kicked the spinning car. The bad guys laughed and pulled his hair. The boy, an opal-haired kid, was confused because he had never known anger, so he laughed just like the bad guys.

From that day on, one by one, the opalescent hair turned black and golden, then dark and white.

As I climbed the pagoda steps leading from the backyard, my breath mingling with my hair, the candle flames flickering purple and orange, I stepped straight out.

The two flames stretched straight out and the sound of drums rang out. The boy's hair turned back to opal as he began to feel the emotions he would later realize were solid. The season was spring.

The boy wrote a long letter and packed it in a glass bottle. He walked out to the rainy sea.

Everywhere is too fast, so regardless of the heavens, you just have to be light and you will fit into the neighborhood. It's hard to survive when you're alone. But that's okay, the child with the opalescent hair blazed straight up again. Now my heart is too hot to be a ghost specialist or a nursery school teacher.

As he thought about it, the heat was melting the glass dust that littered the world.

The bottle he was supposed to be holding also melted and the long letter was carried away by the god of wind.

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