Don't let yourself be hidden by the cause.

 ベランダのミントの繁みに真っ赤なものがあって明らかに人工的で何かと思ったらキットカットでした。テカテカの包みを小鳥が運んで隠してるんだな〜と思って放っておいて数日、 流石に片付けようかしらと思ってみたらなんとキットカットふたつつみ、チョコがしっかり中に入っていて怖くなって..そのままにしています。





I saw something bright red on my balcony among the mint bushes and thought it was obviously artificial, but it turned out to be Kit Kat.

I thought it was a little bird carrying the shiny package and hiding it, so I left it alone for a few days, and when I thought it was time to clean it up, I found 2 packs of Kit Kat are intact, seemingly milk chocolate are inside , and I got scared... I left it as it was.

I've finished about 8 songs, so I have a few more to go...

I decided to make Chisai San every day...


I hope you are well.

Please be safe


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