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When I was 20 yearsold or something I was a bit sick with collagen disease.
My cheek and weak part of body had sore and It was awful.
I will stop this unpleasant topic now but actually I never had serious case so I don't know well about others pain though, now my cat nina had Grave's disease and her weight fall only 2.4 kilo gram from huge 7 kilo gram. It makes me so sad!!
I need pickup her medicine again.  On the way to the cat hospital I found the super cheap narcissus so I asked a man behind it "Is it passing away so soon?" he laughingly said " No, no It is ok you can enjoy this for a while!"   I took it and came back to home.
You know narcissus is narcissus to be told in greek mythology.
After fell in love with narcissus and it never be succeed, echo fell off and finally gone away. 
Now I think echo had Grave's disease some kind of a hormonal abnormality like nina.
Nina is perfect but the numeric of hormonal.
Anyway such a petit work keeps us alive. I felt like my blood flow back in my chest.


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