There Is No Authority But Yourself

I have never known this perfect sentence of CRASS. shame..🧍🧍🏻‍♀️and then this just popped up in my head.hum~~<3

for girls there is no eyeshadow but guitar 
for boys there is no troop but flower
for ladies there is no smartphone but pen
for gentleman there is no rule but home 
for babies there is nothing but cry 
for sisters there is no ring but microphone 
for brothers there is no gun but clap
for mothers there is no time but hug
for fathers there is no preecho but garden
for grandmothers there is no diamond but hymn
for grandfathers there is no olympic game but tea

I’m sorry for my randomness as always and I do not know where s should be or not..
A section of grandpa need be changed if I sing virtually.

I hope you are well🙃🙂🥰
Stay safe🤍🤍🤍 with love

There Is No Authority But Yourself!とういうドキュメンタリーを観ました。🎞


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